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Kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation

  • You must have a the KBLR licence before you do any residential building work in NSW, including kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations, that is valued at more than $5000 (incl GST) in labour and materials.
  • Kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation is work involved in the installation, refurbishment, restoration and on-site repairs of or to a kitchen, bathroom or laundry.
  • It doesn’t include work affecting any internal or external load-bearing part of the building that is essential to the stability of the building or any part of it, including things such as foundations, floors, walls, roof, columns and beams.
  • Any contract for kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovations can include any specialist work that needs to be done as part of the overall job, and any specialist work can be appropriately subcontracted.
  • However, this work must be carried out by the holder of an endorsed contractor licence or qualified supervisor certificate in that specialist category.


One of our projects: before and after photo.

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